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Sep 25, 2012 8:00pm EDT
, if obama wins in the selection, it is almost certain that his noncollege when number will go down. in many ways, it will be as described as a victory 40 years later a basically upper-middle-class whites and minorities. of which there were not enough of them in 1972. but first of all, one are normally worth noting. obama runs better in the upper midwest than he does anyone else. and michigan, wisconsin, iowa. those four. the numbers are a little better. he is running at like 44 or 45 in ohio. part of that is the auto industry, more of a union type of tradition. the reality is the big anomaly. fewer of the white working class are evangelical, which drives it down economically. >> it is actually working in obama's favor. these are voters. these are parties, neither have shown that they can deliver positive economic results in their life come in right now is that republicans won't take my money and give it to people who deserve it, which was and is essentially part of the politics. republicans, think it's going to be difficult to the fact were there winning most of them. obama seems to have re
Sep 27, 2012 8:00pm EDT
down and stabilize them and there is more political consensus to these views. look at what the obama administration is doing. it is not that different. not that different than many other ways that the bush administration did throughout the two terms, especially at the end. given that there is not consensus, that is one of the reasons that this is not an issue with the campaign, but i think it is also why things are a little bit more contingent in the national security act. >> thank you. >> any prediction for retirement at the end of the term? >> it depends on who the next president ends. obviously we have several justices who are getting older, but i think most of them would feel that if they were voluntarily retiring and not forced to do so by health concerns or some other extenuating circumstances, the honorable thing to do is retiring during the term that pointed you in the first place. so you could see justice ginsburg, now that she was accomplished, she was trying to make a record for how long she stayed on the court in 2014. you might see justice scalia or justice kennedy reti
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2